Booking Information

Before the booking: 

The information you should receive from your customer

  • First and last name of driver
  • Location of pick up
  • Date of pick up
  • Approximate time of pick up – in case of airline or train delays – provide flight or train information and number to insure the car is held for late arrival
  • Location of drop off
  • Date of drop off
  • Approximate time of drop off
  • Car type needed
  • If driver is traveling with children under 10 years of age – provide age, weight & height – to insure the correct mandatory seat is included with rental
  • Advise if other equipment is required (for instance, navigation system, snow chains, etc)
  • Advise if there will be additional drivers
  • Advise if driver (-s) will be under 26 years old at time rental
  • Advise if main driver will be holding a credit card with their first and last name

Before renting the car:

Advise the driver of the following

  • Local driver’s license:  renter will need to present their driver’s license, issued by their country or residence and held for a minimum period according to local legislation or conditions.  A current driver’s license will be required for each rental
  • International driver’s license:  before the rental, have the renter check if their local driver’s licence is enough to drive the car in the country they are traveling to.  Keep in mind that the International Driver’s License is valid only when accompanied with renters local driver’s license
  • Identification documents required:  An additional identification document, such as a passport or ID card will also be required.  The driver’s license alone is not sufficient. 
  • Means of payment:  Renter will also need to present a valid credit card on which an authorization is requested. 
  • The renter must be the credit cardholder and must be physically present in order to complete the rental agreement